About Fair Play Interactive


Evolution of technologies and habits. Multiplication of screens. Dematerialization of contents. Nomadism. « On demand ». Everyday, an increasing number of consumers aim at a « whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, the way I want it » attitude.

Fair Play Interactive, developed the Younicast® IPTV platform, a disruptive innovation without disrupting consumers TV habits.

Fair Play Interactive creates the IPTV platform and tools allowing the emergence of  innovative TV channels freed from all schedule constraints, 100% personalized and interactive, via a unicast IPTV transmission, OTT, and mobile platforms, while the customers can keep up their natural semi-passive use of the TV medium and a high listening capacity.

« User centric », the medium adapts itself to the customer, and not the other way round.

With Younicast® IPTV channels, TV viewers are zapping inside the TV channel rather than channel-hoping between TV channels. 


Television : from broadcast to UNICAST

100% Personalized and Interactive Linear TV Channels

Historical personalized TV leader, Fair Play Interactive developed an IPTV/Cable TV and OTT (over-the-top) platform called Younicast™ which allows the distribution of 100% PERSONALIZED and interactive LINEAR TV channels directly on home TV through the IPTV and Cable operators’ STBs. Our platform also covers OTT distribution of the channels to Connected TVs, Tablets, Consoles and Smartphones. 

It could be summarized as the « Pandora.com » of television. 

Television : from audience to CRM

Initiating TV channels mutation from audience to CRM, the Younicast platform paves the way to :

  1. user centric TV channels

  2. freed from all schedule constraints

  3. 100% personalized and interactive

  4. auto-adapting to the TV viewer liking, mood and availability, and not the other way round

Younicast powered TV channels fully integrates Facebook and Twitter and takes advantage of social graph curation. Younicast provides a disruptive innovation without disrupting consumers TV habits, preserving the natural semi-passive couch potato consumption of the TV medium